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Together We Develop The Future Of Parking

Papp allows emerging of parking data in just one platform
giving City Planners a valuable tool to design the future of parking

Our impact on parking so far

Showcasing just a few stats from our real-world projects.


Connected Spots

Collecting live data from 20.000+ parking spots in Denmark through open integration with existing parking data and IoT parking sensors.  


Danish Cities

We collect live data from 9+ Danish cities, including occupancy data for handicap-, business-, charging and ordinary parking spots.


Data Points

Since our beginning we have monitored 20+ mil parkings giving us valuable insights of the true need and behavior for parking.

Trusted Across Denmark's Spectrum


Connected parking booths


Data points


Danish cities

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Why Papp?

At Papp, we are driven by ambition to shape the future mobility with data. With this vision, we exist to deliver an easy-to-use mobility solution invaluable for City planners

Papp Makes...

It Easy To Find Parking In Cities

In the last decade the numbers of cars has increased with up 35%, while the parking capacity has been relatively unchanged. Up to 40% of traffic in cities are searching traffic for parking! At Papp we provide a revolutionary, user-friendly platform that keeps track on all your city's parking data in just one platform.

  • Data integration from multiple parking sources
  • Cutting-edge, real-time mobility analytics
  • App with realtime availability data on public parking areas
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Papp Helps...

Improving Handicapped Parking

At Papp we know that those with mobility challenges can face obstacles when moving around in the city. By providing IoT sensors on handicap spots, we help navigating to a real available spot for those in need.

  • Monitor handicapped spot utilization instantly
  • App with realtime availability data on handicapped spots
  • Insights on how handicapspots are being used
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Papp Facilitates...

Efficient EV Charging

The worst nightmare of an EV owner is not being able to find a charging spot when in need! Misuse of charging station is increasing, making in unbearable to own a EV. That's why Papp use IoT sensors to monitor the accessibility of charging spot so that it is easier to find a real accessible charging spot.

  • Monitor charging station availability in real-time.
  • Analyze usage patterns
  • Guide users to  charging spot that is truly accessible
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Papp Saves...

Time For Businesses With City Errands

In the city's fast-paced rhythm, time searching for parking creates zero value for businesses. Thats is why we, together with cities, have installed IoT sensors on reserved business parking spots, so local businesses as delivery, homecare and craftmans can easily see where to park directly in our app

  • Spend time on the job, not parking
  • Navigate directly to dedicated business spots
  • App with realtime availability data on business spots
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What They Wrote About Us

"In a short time, Papp, along with Clever and Aarhus Municipality, has embarked on a project to alleviate the hassle of finding available charging stations in Aarhus through the deployment of ground sensors. This initiative, currently in its nascent stages, is anticipated to revolutionize public parking by providing real-time data on the availability of charging spots, initially covering 100 parking spaces. Tan Minh Tran, a co-founder, envisions harnessing this data not only to indicate spot availability but also to predict the likelihood of finding available charging spots across Aarhus."
"In just over a year, Papp Danmark ApS, founded by three ambitious entrepreneurs, has achieved remarkable growth. With guidance from the exceptional Kim Kjølhede of Erhvervshus Midtjylland, they secured a million-investment and pioneered an innovative app that guides drivers to available parking spaces. Beyond this, they harness data to enhance parking efficiency for municipalities and other operators. Tan Tran, one of the founders, praises the invaluable guidance saying, 'Kim's mentorship has been transformative, leading us to make the right decisions at every turn.'"
"Papp Danmark ApS, initiated by three innovative entrepreneurs, has seen remarkable growth. With guidance from Erhvervshus Midtjylland, they secured a million-investment and developed an innovative app that guides drivers to available parking spaces. Beyond this, they leverage data to optimize parking efficiency for municipalities and charging operators. Tan Tran, one of the founders, commends the invaluable advice saying, 'The business consultant's guidance has been crucial, helping us believe in our idea and making the right decisions, leading to our significant investment and business expansion."
"The brainchild of Tan Minh Nguyen Tran, the app aspires for transparency in parking regulations, with a prototype already manifesting promise. Tran accentuates, "Our aim is not to abet illegal parking, but to enhance awareness and ease the parking ordeal," showcasing a commitment to lawful and effortless parking experiences for citizens."

Foto: Mads Claus Rasmussen - Ritzau Scanpix

"In a short span, Papp Danmark ApS has accelerated its growth trajectory significantly, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Aarhus Municipality and a notable investment from the municipality's green investment pool. The company, steered by tech-savvy Tan Minh Nguyen Tran, has developed an app facilitating easier parking spot location, a venture which has been meticulously tested in a pilot project supported by Aarhus Municipality."
In a short span, Papp Danmark ApS, aided by visionary entrepreneurs, has clinched a pivotal investment from Hands-on Mikrofonden to address the rising societal issue of congested urban parking. They've engineered a data platform and an app, which, via a sensor installed in city parking spots, provides real-time availability and pricing details, aiding in locating the nearest available parking or charging station. This innovation, tested in a pilot project with Aarhus Municipality and charging operator Clever since August 2021, is set to upscale, solving the parking dilemma while aligning with the green agenda
"With a pioneering app, they're now collecting live and historical data from about 20,000 parking bays, a venture which commenced with a crucial pilot project in Aarhus Municipality. The initiative has not only eased the parking dilemma but also set a trajectory for optimizing electric vehicle charging solutions, with Tan Minh Nguyen Tran emphasizing, "The technology and user behavior insights we've gained have refined our data network, proving the market demand for our solution."

This Is Our Solution

To achieve our vision of maximizing the scarce capacity of parking, we have developed 3 main products that combined offers an invaluable tool for City planners.

IoT Parking sensors

Lacking parking data is not a barrier! We assist municipalities that use IoT-based parking sensors in generating valuable information about the utilization of the city's parking facilities. This is achieved by analyzing the usage of parking spaces. Our expertise covers both LoRaWAN and NB-IoT technologies, and we offer seamless integration with our analytics tool Papp Insights and our app Papp Parking

Papp Insights

Working with raw data can be extremely complicated! That's why we have developed Papp Insights, which is designed to give you direct access to the city's parking data from sensors, parking garages, and data on paid parking. Whether you want to know the average occupancy rate, spot the busiest times, or discover hidden available spaces, Papp Insights brings all this right to your fingertips, wrapped up in an exciting and user-friendly experience.

Papp Mobility App

Our vision is clear: To halve the city's search traffic. To make this possible, we offer unlimited free access to our extensive dataset for all motorists. With the Papp Parking app in hand, it becomes a breeze for users to find available parking spaces – whether it's parking spots, charging stations, handicap spots, or business spaces before they even leave home.

Connect Existing Data

We also seamlessly integrate your existing data into Papp’s platform. Our solution facilitates effortless data connection, ensuring a unified view and enriched insights from all your data sources.

Workshops & Training

Lost in the data? No problem. We will provide workshops and training on how to best use our platform to make better decisions for your city's mobility. We will help you find patterns in data.

Navigate Users

Guide users effortlessly to available parking spots or charging stations with Papp’s user-centric navigation feature. Our app empowers users with real-time data, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience.

Historical Data

Beyond establishing data, we also store it for you to use! All parking data are saved at our data facility, providing an in-depth data foundation, so that you can make informed decisions based on historical insights.


Rest easy with Papp’s round-the-clock support. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist, ensuring smooth operations and immediate help whenever you need it.

Craftsman Parking

Dedicate spots to craftsman and ensure their availability in real-time. Congestions, parking space search and navigation take valuable time. Save resources and ensure smooth delivery.

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Navigate clients precisely to designated spots with Papp's Craftsman Parking solution.


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emmapsdk, 07.06.2022

Easy parking

It's really nice to be able to see in advance where there is space so you don't drive in vain. I look forward to the addition of even more cities to the app.

emmapsdk, 07.06.2022

Good overview of parking options

The app is good for giving an overview of parking options in the city.

emmapsdk, 07.06.2022

Easy parking

It's really nice to be able to see in advance where there is space so you don't drive in vain. I look forward to the addition of even more cities to the app.

emmapsdk, 07.06.2022

Good overview of parking options

The app is good for giving an overview of parking options in the city.

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